How to prepare for a spray tan session?

Get ready for an exceptional, long-lasting tanning experience with our preparation tips for your next Spray Tan session at your favorite institute or salon! Follow these simple tips for a glowing, long-lasting tan whenever you want.

Spray Tan Professional application protocol

Perform a scrub at home or in your institute before the session with the PERFECTION MAGIC SCRUB

Avoid creams or perfume 2 hours before the session

Plan dark and rather loose clothes on the day of the session

Choose the intensity of the tan and the area to tan (face, bust and/or body)

The session lasts from a few seconds for the face to 10 minutes for the whole body

Admire the natural and exceptional result that adapts to your skin

Avoid contact with water or physical activity for 6 hours, the tan intensifies for 24 to 48 hours

Renew the experience as soon as you wish before an event or to treat yourself

Prepare for your self-tanning or Spray Tan session

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